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Yoga: A Spiritual Healthy Discipline

YogaYoga from ancient times is famous amongst all as an important way of life. It is more than just a method. It includes meditation and healthy eating habits, bathing habits and social interaction and work. This ancient tradition is getting familiar day by day amongst people. The word “yoga” depicts which brings reality to anyone. It means union to the ultimate reality. There are various poses practiced as yoga asana. These poses include standing postures, seated twists, backbends, arm balances, inversions and core holds. Regular practice of yoga calms brain, energises body, improves digestion, strengthens arms and legs and lowers high blood pressure.

The benefits of yoga are immense and it goes on to provide you with the much-added flexibility which is missing in our life. It is during the starting stages you will come across the fact that certain poses may be out of your reach and but as and when you get into the depth of it things tend to become a bit easy as well. The best aspect about this form of exercise is that you do not need to spend on expensive set of equipments as the help of a mat is more than enough.

Various styles of yoga

Some most popular styles of yoga are as follows:

  1. Astanga yoga- it is an aerobic yoga which is achieved through fast flowing workout.
  2. Iyengar yoga- those who are fitness conscious can practice this precise style of yoga.
  3. Viniyoga- this style of yoga emphasis on healing.
  4. Satyananda yoga- this gentle yoga style is suitable for all age and shape.
  5. Bikram yoga- this dynamic style of yoga is practiced in heated room.
  6. Kundalini yoga- this yoga style uses postures, breathing and meditation to release internal energy.

Why yoga is necessary for all?

Some important reasons are there why yoga should be incorporated in everyone’s life. Those are as follows-

  • It lowers stress by improving mood- it allows anyone to feel relaxed relieving stress. It boosts oxygen levels in brain. Thus, an individual feels happy and more content in everyday life.
  • It boosts confidence- the meditation process of yoga uplifts spiritual values and boosts confidence in individual. All the tensions are released from mind. It helps in betterment of relationships by improving compassion and awareness.
  • Injury risks lowers down- yoga concentrates on union of body and mind rather than causing higher risk of injury and increase muscle tension.
  • Regular practice helps to lose weight- yoga enables bring relaxation to body and mind and help to de-stress which help in losing weight. Being overweight cause loss in confidence and is a sign of imbalances in life.
  • It increases flexibility- yoga works by safely stretching muscles, ligaments and tendons and thus increasing flexibility.
  • It tones body and muscles and improves strength- various yoga postures strengthen upper leg muscles and lower back. But they should be practiced in right manner.
  • It lowers blood pressure and benefits breathing- yoga also helps in breathing process by increasing lung capacity. Stamina and endurance are also increased.
  • Postures are improved- it maintains a healthier weight, makes body flexible and improves muscle and strength.

List of yoga classes in Thane

Yoga has become very common to everyone nowadays, and you can find a list of yoga classes in Thane on the internet.