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Why A Well-Man Examination In A Healthcare Center A Good Idea Both Medically And Financially

Healthcare CenterIt is not uncommon for a healthcare center in Trinity to have thousands of patients every single day. Being the medical hub of the US, Florida is rather a popular treatment destination among many Americans. However, have you considered a well-man examination in one of these centers? If you haven’t already, you should, for both financial and health reasons. A few statistics would help you decide.

According to the 2015 National Health Interview Survey, 12 percent of adult American males are in fair or poor health. Some of the common conditions that affect the adult male population of the US include cardiovascular disease (affecting more than one in three adult males), liver disease (putting the lives of 1.5 percent of adult US men at risk), blood pressure (which affects a greater percentage of men than women until age 45), and  prostate cancer (diagnosed in one out of seven US males).Regular visits to a healthcare center would certainly help in prevention and early detection of these conditions. However, if you are worried about the expenses that usually accompany individual tests, a healthcare center such as in Trinity might have the answer. Opt for the well-man examination, a comprehensive health check-up that targets different organs and tissues at risk in men. According to a poll run by, two out of five Americans lose sleep over healthcare costs. However, with a well-man examination, you can save yourself the trouble.

What Is a Well-Man Check-Up?

Imagine a health screening that tests you from head to toe for early symptoms of degenerative diseases and risk factors like high cholesterol, and reviews your health and lifestyle needs. That’s a well-man examination for you in a nutshell.

This preventative health check covers all the health essentials and is a fast and reliable way to assess your current health status. The test is carefully designed to provide you the base levels for various health markers. Your doctor can monitor the results over time to actively ensure your wellbeing.

What Does Well-Man Examination Cover?

  • Blood pressure check-up
  • Cholesterol
  • Weight
  • Urine analysis to test for basic urinary abnormalities
  • Discussions about your diet, smoking and drinking habits, family medical history, exercise habits,
  • Testicular check-up (optional)
  • Prostate antigen blood test

Why Should You Care?

You might be in the peak physical condition at the moment, but that will not last unless you take preventative action now. Sure, there’s always the possibility that you might contract a serious ailment later on, but the annual well-man examination at least gives you a better shot at staying healthy. The beauty of this check-up is that it targets men of all ages. So, while it serves as an excellent entry-level health examination for young individuals, it is equally adept at establishing the base levels of several critical health markers in older people.

How Does the Well-Men Examination Work?

Well-man check-ups take around 30 minutes of your time, and they normally follow a simple three-step program:

  • The first step is collection, where a medical professional collects your blood sample.
  • Your sample is then sent to the laboratory for testing.
  • Once the processing is complete, you receive the results and take further action accordingly.

Blood tests, which are part of the well-man examination, are normally completed a week in advance. So, when you return to the healthcare center for your comprehensive health screening, the doctor already has the results to give an accurate assessment of your health. This involves a detailed consultation based on your medical history. You can even talk about any specific health concerns you might have.

A well-man check-up measures, promotes, and optimizes your health status. It is your best option if the idea of a fit and healthy life appeals to you. If you are in Florida, consider visiting a nearby healthcare center. If not, opt for a trusted center near you. It will tailor a preventative health ‘strategy’ based on the findings of your consultation.