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Things You Should Avoid If You Have SI Joint Pain

Things You Should Avoid If You Have SI Joint Pain

Did you went all in and tried your best to cover up that compost pit in your backyard last week? Are you suffering from lower back pain these days that kicked off soon after you finished covering the pit? Well, Richmond Hill SI joint pain, a leading orthopedic clinic is of the opinion that when someone does something that leads to uneven exertion of pressure on their pelvis, it can subsequently lead to excruciating pain in their SI joints.

Many leading medical professionals have come to the conclusion that even small and simple tasks like gardening or shoveling snow in your home can also lead to SI joint pain. The reason is quite simple here – as the joints are subjected to repetitive rotational movements, it leads to overworking the same thereby leading to pain.

A bit about SI joints

SI joints or Sacroiliac joints make sure that your spine is provided with stability and support. It is the meeting point of your sacrum (the end of your spine) and the iliac (hip bones). It is best to get your SI joints treated as soon as the pain starts to set in. A formal diagnosis from an orthopedic specialist would help you to understand what are steps you should take to avoid SI joint pain in the future.

What causes SI joint pain?

SI joint pain is more common in women than men. It can develop over a long period but in most cases, it takes a turn for the worse when someone subjects their SI joint to any form of trauma. Other possible reasons for SI joint pain are stated as follows:

  • Arthritis
  • Pregnancy
  • LLI (Leg Length Inequality)
  • Inappropriate posture while sitting, standing and even while doing workouts (weightlifting to be exact)
  • Aging – worn out cartilage in between bones could be another reason
  • Accidents/falls – in case one lands really hard on their buttocks on a hard surface
  • In case a person has a medical history that consists of injuries to their pelvis or has fractures in the same, they can often experience pain in their SI joints.

Things you should avoid

  • Avoid strenuous activities especially those that result in you feeling pain in your SI joints
  • Avoid taking OTC (Over The Counter) pain medication even if you have a valid doctor’s prescription. Popping pills is a temporary solution, consulting with a doctor is the best approach
  • Cold or hot packs on your upper/lower buttock region might seem like a good idea but that is best to resort to it when the acute pain subsides
  • It is best to avoid hitting the gym and go for strenuous workout regime. Instead one can go for yoga poses that promote flexibility in your body

It is clear from the above points that to keep yourself away from the excruciating pain of your SI joints, it is best that you gain as much knowledge about the ailment as you possibly can. That being said, it is recommended to consult with a specialist as soon as possible so that the situation can be handled immediately.