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How Smsts Course Can Improve Your Site Management Skills?

Have you ever come across a term like “Site Management Safety Training Scheme” also known as the SMSTS? Knowledge is power and the phrase really walks an extra mile to prove its worth for those who are expected to beckon their real-time skills in the construction, facilities or site building, planning, curating, maintenance, monitoring, controlling, administration and management.

Now, the million dollar question is how will the SMSTS training course help you? The SMSTS courses today are the only industry recognised entry-level prerequisites that the majority of construction companies relies upon. Therefore, this certification is a must. You will simply love the step-by-step innovative format and the engaging content of this SMSTS practical courses that are the industry’s most time-tested skill enhancer programmes and most imperative to your field performance. Here’s why.

Why SMSTS is a value-added training

There are a variety of reasons why the health and safety concerns, with regard to hazards on a construction site, are awakening all sectors of industries, public or private. In fact, the International Labour Organisation (ILO) has estimated a minimum of 60,000 deaths every year on construction sites alone. Therefore, planning a risk-free management for people working at height, confined areas, fire hazard, electricity risks excavations, scaffolding, demolition and more, is the main motto of this course. Did you know, the SMSTS courses are listed in the Approved Code of Practice for the Construction Regulations as a yardstick of competence in the role of a site manager? In fact, this in-depth training of approximately 5 days can quickly focus on each element of the whole lot of responsibilities placed on the shoulders of a site manager.

Who should attend it

If you are or intending to be a project director, site manager, quantity surveyor, supervisor, proprietor or even a Client-based personnel, SMSTS courses are for you. These courses have been specially designed to create knowledge and build awareness about health, safety and welfare, especially in their legal, moral and social spectra, for the potential site managers on sites. These courses aim to impart the complete know-how of health and safety skills at a project site, crucial to every aspect of the construction industry.

What do you learn

Generally, these courses aim to make you cognisant of how an industry professional should manage all the health and safety related concerns on construction sites. So, these courses are, no doubt, pretty detailed on the subject of compliance requirements of health and safety. Although they cover a wide variety of safety aspects, these courses can vary in type in terms of their duration.

Following are if you want to delve deeper into what these courses actually cover…

  • Health and safety law, responsibilities, duties, sanctions and enforcement
  • CDM Regulations others
  • Accidents, risk assessment, safety management and measuring
  • Management of constructors
  • Progress of ’safe systems of work’ and permit systems
  • Duties and responsibilities, and more.

Finally, make sure that you don’t falter in your attendance as you need to cover the entire course and its exercises to be able to pass the final assessment that finally fetches you the certificate and the chronicles of your achievement. But remember that this certificate is valid for five years only after which you need to upskill yourself with a refresher course again, and the process will repeat itself.