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Signs Of Chronic Stress That Need Immediate Attention

Signs Of Chronic Stress That Need Immediate Attention

Feeling stressed is no stranger to many people around the world. We would all admit in unison about being stressed at some point in life, and that is the least to say. Most of us are put through stress on a daily basis. While stress motivates us to develop a certain amount of fear and get our work done, too much stress can be quite harmful.This kind of stress has a negative impact on various aspects of our life. If you have chronic stress, there are a number of signs of it. Here’s a list of the signs of chronic stress that need a stress check up in Cranbourne North.

Changed eating pattern

During an episode of stress, people either starve themselves from not having an appetite or binge eat. Whatever it is, it’s always a divergence from the normal appetite and eating pattern an individual has under normal circumstances. Thus, stress is capable of causing either weight gain or loss.


As a person experiences stress, there is an increased production of cortisol- a stress hormone. When your body releases cortisol, it becomes harder to fall asleep. As a result, people undergoing chronic stress develop insomnia. This also exposes the person to a constant state of lethargy.

Weakened immune system

Stress also affects and weakens the immune system. As a result, you’re more prone to catching a cold and fever than otherwise. Also, the flu would last longer than it’s supposed to. Chronic stress also decreases the effectiveness of vaccination, which is a serious problem. If you want a good immune system and stay protected from diseases, you need to get your stress level checked and look for a remedy.


If you have chronic stress, you would have headaches more often. If you’re having headaches on a daily basis, this indicates that the level of stress has elevated to a point where it needs to be taken care of. If not, it can get worse and even give way to migraines. Besides headaches, stress is also capable of causing frequent aches in other body parts.

Raised heart rate

Most people identify their heart pounding as one of the most significant symptoms when they experience stress. Whether chronic or acute, stress has a direct impact on the heart rate. This is because when a person is exposed to a stressful event, the blood vessels constrict and it increases the blood pressure. Because of chronic stress, a person becomes more vulnerable to heart related problems and high blood pressure. This makes it really important to seek help when a person has chronic stress.

The reason why it’s essential to treat chronic stress is because it can affect each aspect of a person’s life. Healthcare centers, like Cranbourne Medical Centre offer stress checkup along with psychologists who are trained to provide therapy for chronic stress and other kinds of psychological issues.