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What A Pap Smear Test Indicate

What A Pap Smear Test Indicate

Is abnormal pap during pregnancy common? The major objective of this test is to find out any abnormal changes in the cervix that could lead to cervical cancer. It has to be understood that pap smears do not indicate cancer, but 95 % of cervical cancer is at a stage where it cannot be observed with a naked eye. The best part is that they could be treated and cured. Though it does point to any form of genetic or sexually transmitted disease, one thing is for sure further round of testing may be needed to get to the root cause of the problem.

As soon as a woman touches the age of 21 years, they are advised to be part of a Pap smear test. As per recent guidelines any lady who has touched the above age needs to be part of a test irrespective of the nature of their sexual activity. In fact this test should be done on a regular basis once in 3 years till you are 29. If you are a woman in the age bracket of 30 to 65 years this test could be conducted once in 3 years of 5 years as and when it is concerned appropriate. You would need to discuss with your health care provider as some of them may ask you to perform the test on a yearly basis. Even if the health care provider differs on this view then routine tests in the form of pelvic exam are common. In the middle of their monthly cycle, a woman can have a Pap smear test undertaken or 10 to 20 days after the emergence of their last monthly cycle. Before 2 days of the test you should go on to avoid anything in the vagina and this would indicate the use of creams or sexual activity. What happens is that it could have an impact with the test results and point to some abnormal pap smear pregnant.

In a pelvic exam, the doctor may with the help of a brush remove a few cells from the cervix. It is not that painful but a certain degree of discomfort is bound to be felt. These cells are then placed in a microscope and then send across to the lab for further round of tests. The results could be more accurate if you refrain from any form of sexual activity or use of douches prior to the testing phase. It needs to be understood all these procedures should be not undertaken 2 days before the examination.

The negative test indicates that a cervix is abnormal. If there is positive result it does point to the presence of abnormal cells. The doctor may also refer to it as an abnormal pap. Just be aware of the fact that it is a test and not a diagnosis in any way. if the positive result emerges no way it points that you have cancer, but further round of testing may be the need of the hour.