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Health Benefits Associated With Pure And Clean Drinking Water

Health Benefits Associated With Pure And Clean Drinking Water

Human body is bestowed with 60 % of water and without drinking sufficient water human body is bound to suffer. The reason being that a host of important functions like digestion, removing toxic materials all depends upon water. For skin health drinking water is important as routine skin care needs water to function in a proper manner.

For human body water is important, but drinking contaminated source of water would cause considerable damage. Water is embedded with biological, chemical and physical impurities and can pave way for numerous diseases. Only a water purifier can combat these issues and provide healthy drinking water.

Why pure and healthy source of water is a need of the hour?

As per estimates of WHO, nearly 3 million people lose their life on an annual basis due to consumption of contaminated water. They also report that 80% of diseases in the world are water borne ones. It does go on to affect an individual whose immune system is fragile particularly the young and the old age group. As the immune system in a child is developing so any source of water contamination affects them easily.

The immune system of the human body is a lifeline and for this reason you need to have an immune system that supports your body. If you drink healthy water not only it protects your immune system but improves or nourishes your immune system.

Positive vibes expected from drinking pure and healthy water?

Since water is the most important component for a body to function, you need to ensure that the body is well hydrated. If dehydration occurs the cell functions get disturbed. A host of benefits are assured when you drink clean and healthy water which are depicted as follows

  • Eradicates toxic waste from the body- if you drink sufficient amount of water it flushes out the unwanted toxins from your body whereby keeping you safe. The body cells are known to produce waste material which you might have to remove from the body, otherwise the cells of the body will start degeneration
  • Contributes to the beauty of your skin- once again our body is composed of a major chunk of water and to keep your skin healthy it has to be hydrated. The moment dehydration occurs, skin becomes weak and is prone to wrinkles
  • Improves the functioning of the heart- the heart is one of the most important organs of the human body and pumps in blood. Blood is embedded with 80 % of water. The moment dehydration occurs, blood becomes thicker and thicker which cause considerable difficulty to pump out blood. When you are dehydrated the volume of blood decreases as it can be harmful for your health and increase the chances of heart attack or a stroke.

To conclude, the benefits of drinking clean and healthy water is immense. For an adult they need to drink around 4 litres of water daily and for a women it would be 3 litres to be precise.