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Different Diets That Helps To Look Slimmer

weightWe are what we eat. If we eat healthy we will be healthy but if we do not take care of what we eat, we will subsequently become unhealthy. Studies have shown that some foods and diets helps us get slimmer and even have that vibrant young look that most of us desire. These diets and foods include:


Avocados are rich in fats but this doesn’t make them unhealthy. They contain healthy monounsaturated fatty acids that helps to both rehydrate your skin and toughening up your skin curbing away wrinkles. This will definitely make you healthy and give you that young look. So next time you are travelling don’t shy away from the guacamole. Not only are berries sweet, they also contain antioxidants that make your skin smooth and firm and even glow.

Water and foods rich in water

Water is the best option for anyone who is on a diet. Not only does it hydrate you and your skin, it also cleans up your body helping you get rid of the waste substances in your body. Foods rich in water such as water melons and cucumbers hydrate your body making your skin firm as well.


Studies have shown that those who eat salmons regularly lost weight faster than those who haven’t eaten salmons if they are put under the same conditions. This is because salmons have very little calories but however are very rich in protein that helps our body trim up. Eggs are also very rich in protein. Research has shown that those who eat a maximum of two eggs a day lost 65% more weight than those who didn’t eat eggs. However, too much of everything is dangerous therefore, you should not overdo the limit of two eggs if you are trying to lose weight.

Green tea

Green tea contains enzymes known as polyphenols. These enzymes help to break down the fat in your body giving you more energy and also making you slimmer. It also increase your metabolism making your body turn fat into even faster and also convert the protein into your foods into muscle at an even faster rate.

 Tips to remember:

We often eat a lot during holiday travels for we want to eat the many delicacies that different countries have to offer. Since we spend most of our time sightseeing and relaxing, it is hard and also sometimes impossible to do some exercise during our holiday vacation trips.

There are different diets that will help you, effortlessly look slimmer. This is because, what we eat is what will define how our bodies look like.

What to avoid when on a diet

To have a well-toned slimmer body, you need to practice a lot a of self-discipline to avoid losing your toned up young body figure. Things to avoid include:

Skipping meals

When a lot of people go on a diet they torture their bodies by skipping meals and end up even bigger than they were. The reason for this failure is that when they skip their meals, their hunger pangs grow and they end up over eating to compensate what they were missing.

The best solution if you want to lose weight and have a young body would be introducing some healthy snacks into your meals. Eat a healthy snack for example an apple or berries. This will reduce the portion of food you will eat during your other meals leading to you losing weight.

Avoid alcohol when on a diet

Alcohol slows down your body’s metabolism and it also dehydrates you. A lot of your body’s energy will be lost when trying to break down food therefore making you constantly tired and consequently unhealthy.

Reduce your salt intake

Not only does salt raise you high blood pressure, it also causes water retention in your body. This keeps waste materials from leaving your body through sweating therefore closing up the pores on your skin. The lack of hydration on your skin will making you look older than you really are.

Keep away from junk food

They are referred to as junk food for there is nothing beneficial that their offer to your body except for how they fulfill your cravings. Junk foods for example fries and sugar rich pastries are very rich in calories. These calories slow down our bodies’ metabolism as they are retained in the body, making you lose your young skinny figure. You must practice self-control and discipline direct those food cravings to a much healthier snack for example a salad.

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