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A Solution For Improving Your Fitness & Recovery Time

I am always open to trying new ways to improving my fitness and associated recovery time after a hard work out. There are always these products that come up for sale, have loads of hype, people buy it, and nothing changes! This is why I was particularly excited to read all the science behind cannabis and how it can improve a person’s fitness. I was pretty shocked to read the positive effects that it can provide, as I can commonly associated it with stoned teens.

In fact, I was intrigued to learn that many UFC fighters use cannabis as a way to reduce pain after a fight, and to make them ready for future fights. Also, you can imagine how much pain these guys are in on a daily basis, and apparently it is good for numbing ongoing chronic pain – which is part and parcel of the sport that they compete in. This anecdotal evidence is powerful, because if you see success in others, you are more likely to try it yourself.

That was why I decided to give it a shot. I was careful not to smoke it, and so I opted for vaping instead, as smoking causes damage to the lungs, and over time would reduce your fitness. You can even try edibles if you’d like. These edibles tend to last for longer, but there is a delay before the effect is experienced. I found I could push myself to the limits during workouts, as my pain thresholds were a thing of the past, leading to more effective workouts. This effect is because of the psychoactive THC and the non-psychoactive element of CBD producing their effects on my body. This effect won’t happen with everyone. For some, it can lead to reduced motivation to work out, so it is important to experiment with different strains.

I am a keen rugby player and getting injured is a regular occurrence.Reducing chronic pain is a big plus point of cannabis, and I was able to achieve this with cannabis. My back has always been a problem for me, and by selecting the right strain by consulting my local dispensary, I was able to see a noticeable improvement within a few days.

I don’t think it is my position to recommend what strains to use, as each strain will have a different effect on each person. My advice would be to experiment and seek advice from your local dispensary for more information. Good luck!